Our Menu

E1 Cabbage SaladE1 Cabbage Salad
12,00 AED
E2 Salad Of Cabbage But Cucumber SurimiE2 Salad Of Cabbage But Cucumber Surimi
35,00 AED
E3 Cabbage Salad Tartare Salmon AvocadoE3 Cabbage Salad Tartare Salmon Avocado
38,00 AED
E4 Miso SoupE4 Miso Soup
15,00 AED
E5 Plain RiceE5 Plain Rice
10,00 AED
E6 Rice VinegarE6 Rice Vinegar
15,00 AED
E7 Wakame SaladE7 Wakame Salad
25,00 AED

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