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Our Sushis

All of our dishes are made to order. Also, to guarantee the best possible quality, our fish are delivered to us daily, directly from the market.

SU1 SalmonSU1 Salmon
22,00 AED
SU10 Salmon BoursinSU10 Salmon Boursin
27,00 AED
SU11 Salmon St MoretSU11 Salmon St Moret
27,00 AED
SU2 TunaSU2 Tuna
26,00 AED
SU3 BreamSU3 Bream
26,00 AED
SU4 ShrimpSU4 Shrimp
24,00 AED
SU6 Tuna AvocadoSU6 Tuna Avocado
29,00 AED
SU8 Salmon AvocadoSU8 Salmon Avocado
27,00 AED
SU9 ScallopsSU9 Scallops
35,00 AED

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